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Fifty Stars, 2004. 84" x 84"
Fifty Stars was made to celebrate my 50th birthday. Fabric hand dyed by artist especially for this quilt.

My apologies for the poor view of the quilt. The top border is folded over and cannot be seen.
Alice's Brain, 2004. 24" x 35"
The Nebraska State Quilt Guild's challenge for 2004 was to do a self-portrait. Mine shows "Alice's Brain" (top) and "Alice's Brain on Quilts" (bottom). The fabrics in both "brains" are my own hand dyes. The bottom "brain" also includes a piece of every challenge fabric I've purchased in the last 5 years. I had just taken a class with Ellen Guerrant. What I took away from the class was how to piece gentle hills and valleys without fear. Thanks Ellen!
Doodles Across Curves, 2003.
Doodles Across Curves was made for the 2003 Omaha Quilt Guild "Name of the Game" Challenge.

2004 River City Roundup: 3rd Place, Art Quilt
2003 Treasures of Tomorrow: Teacher's Choice (Shelley Stokes)
2004 NQA Show: Honorable Mention, Art Quilt
2003 Omaha Guild Quilt Show:
Best Machine Quilting, Small Quilt
1st Place - Wall Quilt, Applique, MQ
1st Place (in Challenge) Machine Quilted
2nd Place (in Challenge)Best Use of Color

Fabric hand dyed by artist.
You Make My Heart Dance, 2004. 36" x 24"
Made as a surprise gift for my husband to celebrate our 14th wedding anniversary (Cinco de Mayo). The quilt top is woven, not pieced.
Circular Thoughts I: Going Dotty, 2004. 24" x 36".
Made for the 2004 Cottonwood Quilt Guild challenge. The challenge rules required the pink polka dot fabric and a circle on the front of the quilt. There was some disagreement about whether my "circle" met the requirements!
Detail showing central hole with thread grid.
Detail showing quilting.
Circular Thoughts II: P&B Go To Church, 2004. 28" x 20".
Made for the Pink/Black/White QuiltArt challenge (never sent in pics!). Second in a series of quilts using free-form circular shapes. It also has my favorite color combo of pink and black and my Sunday Evening Church Doodle Quilting.
Kyra's Stars, 2004. 56" x 56"
Made for my first granddaughter, Kyra. This is a variation of the wedding quilt I made for her parents. The design was a mystery quilt from the Attic Windows Quilt Show in Grand Rapids, Michigan. A combination of B&W fabrics and my hand dyed fabrics.

2004 Omaha Quilters Guild Show: 1st Place, Baby/Crib Quilt.
Tela de Arana, 2003
Spiderweb! When I dyed this fabric, it reminded me of light coming through the trees and dewey spider webs glistening in early morning sunlight.

2003 Cottonwood Quilt Guild Show: 1st Place, Small Wall Hanging, HQ.

Fabric hand dyed by artist. Hand quilted and beaded.
Memories of an Ohio Childhood, 2003. 44" x 55"
Made for the Ohio Bicentennial All-Ohio Quilt Challenge. Exhibited at the 2003 Ohio State Fair. From the constellations and fireworks at the top, to the motifs at the bottom, the little girl on the swing is looking back into her childhood at many things which bring back memories of growing up in west-central Ohio. While some of them may be meaningful only to the quiltmaker, may of them will strike a chord in the memory of all of us who were kids in Ohio at one time.

2004 Nebraska State Fair: 2nd Place, Original Design.

Fabric hand dyed by artist.
Kachinas, 2002. 56" x 56"
Kachinas. Applique designs by Arlene Walsh, background from a Fons & Porters book. I didn't like the attic windows layout shown in the pattern, so I arranged the motifs on a the pieced background.

2003 NQA Show: 2nd Place, Wall Quilt, Applique, Hand Quilted
2003 Treasures of Tomorrow Quilt Show, 2nd Place, Wall Quilt, Mixed/Other Techniques,
2003 Nebraska State Fair, 1st Place, Wall Quilt, Hand Quilted,

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