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FEB 2004 - SNOW
February - Snow/Cold.

February 2004 - SNOW

February started with snow on the ground. A big storm on Jan 27th had dumped almost 14 inches on us. Record daily snowfalls on Feb 2nd & 5th and Omaha ended up with 30 inches of snow on the ground - the deepest snow ever recorded here in February. Snow was piled so high along the streets that you could only cross by walking to the nearest driveway. The snowplows did not seem to care that they plowed the carefully shoveled sidewalk paths shut at the corners. For that matter, the drivers seem to delight in speeding down the residential streets with their plows, throwing snow over the 4 foot piles beside the street to fill in the previously carefully cleared sidewalks. And should I go into how many times I cleared the end of our driveway of two foot piles put there by the same sadistic plowmen? My shoulders ached after lifting & throwing snow up onto the 5 foot high pile lining the edges of our driveway. Harkening back to pioneer days, we shoveled paths to the dog run, the bird feeder and the wood pile. Out in the world, parking lots were filled with huge piles of snow blocking vision of any other vehicles that might also be cautiously creeping along, hoping to escape the snow mazes without incident. Later in the month, the trucks that usually move dirt from one location to another were moving snow from these parking lots to empty lots around the city.

The strata of the snowstorms showed clearly where the BIG snow blowers cleared the shoulders. Pristine white snow, a layer of dark car exhaust, another layer of snow, more car poop, more snow. Eventually, the snow along the sides of the streets took on the appearance of dirt. Never thought I would look forward to seeing unmowed weeds and dead grass.

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