DellaJane Quilts: 2004 Journal Quilts

DellaJane Quilts: January 2004 Journal Quilt

My theme for 2004 was to make a quilt which illustrated a thread which wove through the entire month. The back of each quilt has my journal entry for the month.

My rules were fairly simple: No traditional piecing or applique techniques. Use written words on each quilt. Use a single hand dyed fabric (concentrate on content, not fabric). Try different binding techniques.

JAN 2004 - MUSIC
January - Music

JANUARY 2004 ---- Music

I signed up to continue getting XM radio after my 3 free months ended. It is a lot like cable TV - lots of stations, but nothing to watch. I tune in to Top Tracks most of the time. Rock oldies - sometimes stuff I've never heard, which is odd, because I think my music background is pretty solid. I like to sing along with the radio, pretending I'm Janis without the drugs. I can sing along with a pretty wide variety of stuff. I grew up in a Baptist family and converted to Catholicism as an adult. Believe me, Baptists have it all over Catholics when it comes to singing in church. Baptists sing hymns, Catholics sing songs written in 1987. Hymns were written long, long ago, in a land far, far away. And I refuse to sing any song in church that was written after I was born.

Another carryover from childhood is my belief that my children should take piano lessons. I've been rethinking this philosophy. I'm tired of being stressed over making them practice, paying a lot for lessons when they don't practice & listening to their piano teacher gripe (not unreasonably) about them. Both girls participated in the Omaha Music Teachers FUNdamentals Fair this weekend. They didn't do as well as they wanted (no trophies) and didn't want to hear that more practice would have improved their results. I wish I had practiced more when I was taking piano lessons. I wish I could sit down and dazzle people with my playing today. Or be the lead singer for a rock band. Hmmm. I'm going to go drive around and sing along with the oldies on Top Tracks.

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