DellaJane: March 2004 Journal Quilt

March - Things To Do!

This seemed like the month where I didn't get anything done. Not that I didn't DO anything. I was busy 24/7. There were so many things that needed to be done, that HAD to be done, or that someone else wanted me to do. The kind of stuff that doesn't stay done - cleaning, laundry, errands, chauffeuring kids. A TO DO list that never seemed to get done. I'm not sleeping well - my mid-cycle sleep disturbance is back. Cause or effect? Headaches almost every morning. Grouchy, no, bitchy beyond what the situation warranted all too often. Not eating right. Lots of stress eating. Gaining weight. Not enough exercise, not using my time wisely. Too much time wasted on Spider Solitaire or doing nothing.

Somewhere toward the last third of March, I planned some quilting time in my studio. The first day, I wasn't quite sure where to start. I cleaned up a little, put stuff away, thought about what projects I wanted to work on. Then I was able to start sewing. Not only did I make great progress on two projects whose deadlines are fast approaching, but it gave me the feeling of accomplishment I needed. I could wrap my arms around what I had done - see physical proof of time well spent.

I had to force myself to exercise. The treadmill is too easy to ignore, so I started taking Casey for walks. Even if I decide I'm tired of walking, I still have to get myself home. I started writing down my exercise time again. Instead of stressing because I wasn't getting all 70+ items on my TO DO list done. I picked the most important and did as many as I could. I'm eating better, enjoying sex, quilting. Looking forward to April...

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