DellaJane: May 2004 Journal Quilt

2004 MAY
May - Anniversary Celebration.

The month of May began with a celebration of the weaving of our lives together on Cinco de Mayo, our anniversary. A challenge - "Your Passions In Quilting" produced a quilt (You Make My Heart Dance) to celebrate our friendship, love and 14 years of marriage. The raw edge technique I used seems to be a reflection of my life. Ragged, raw edges are everywhere. Tendonitis in my right rotator cuff. Hormonal surges. Manic moods - ranging from happy to tears with no apparent influence other than my thoughts. Short term stresses, often (usually!) of my own doing. Last minute compromises for solutions not found. Irritation and anger hovering just below the surface. Multi-tasking to get everything started, always with some tasks left incomplete. Worry about depression and medication. Sometimes I think I should just accept and embrace that black depth which is part of me. Allow it to be there without dwelling on it. Accept that the up side is worth the cost of the darker side. Embrace the Dark Side? Now I'm getting stupid!

And yet, the Dark Side is far from overwhelming. Flowers and color in my gardens reflect my happiness with my life, as well as my personal style, which is best described as "More Is Better". I'm singing "you think that people would have had enough of silly love songs" and "just an old-fashioned love song, playing on the radio" like some dewey-eyed teeny-bopper. My creativity lacks only production time. My quilts burst with color and freshness.

And so I approach the end of May, the end of the school year and so many activities, as a beginning rather than an End.

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