DellaJane: May 2004 Journal Quilt

September - out of words.

September has been a month of review. I look back at my first eight Journal Quilts and see how the rules I set for myself got bent more and more as the months went by. I added more color and less writing.

My creative output has been less this year. I reviewed what I have done and am disappointed in myself. I didn't have anything really, really GOOD. I want to concentrate on making GOOD stuff this next year, instead of quickie projects for DellaJane Hand Dyes, challenges, etc. When I make something, it will be my best work, something I WANT to make. I want to avoid projects that are cobbled together to meet a deadline.

Reviewing this month, I have my sh*t all together, I just can't pick it up! No huge conflicts, but overlaps everywhere you look. More a matter of time and priorities not allowing me to get all the i's dotted and the t's crossed. So I keep my stacks neat, my piles of stuff tidy, and hope that October allows me to bring some order back to my surroundings.

Laws of the Month:
Everything tends toward disorder.
An object at rest tends to remain at rest.

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