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Sewing patterns, some vintage, some not-so-old! Vintage sewing patterns are a wonderful glimpse back into older fashions. Use them for scrapbooking, altered books, and paper collages. And if the tissue paper pattern pieces are available, sew with them!

If patterns have been cut, all pieces are present and in good condition unless otherwise noted. Pattern envelopes may have stamped or written marks from stores or previous owners. Pattern envelopes may not be in pristine condition - this is not always noted in pattern description. Photo shown is not always of actual pattern. Only one copy of a pattern is available unless specifically stated otherwise.

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I've have a blog dedicated to vintage sewing! Please take a look at Vintage by DellaJane !

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Teach Yourself To Tat!
Larger Fashion Dolls
Patterns for 15-16" Fashion Dolls such as Tyler Wentworth and Gene

Kitchen, Home, Accessories Patterns
Apron and Kitchen Patterns
Bags and Purses
Hats and Hair Accessories
Home Dec and Accessories
Includes organizers, baskets,
chair covers, pillows, etc.
Quilting, Sewing, Embroidery
Quilt Patterns
Sewing and Quilting Books
Embroidery and Transfers
Knitting and Crochet Patterns
Vintage Crochet Booklets
Vintage Workbasket Magazines chock full of projects!

Women's Patterns By Decade

Mail Order Patterns
1900's-1920's-1930's Vintage Patterns
1940's Vintage Patterns
1950's Vintage Patterns
1960's Vintage Patterns
1970's Vintage Patterns
More 1970's Vintage Patterns
1980's Vintage Patterns
1990's Vintage Patterns
2000's Vintage Patterns

More Patterns for Women

Coat, Jacket, Poncho Patterns
Nightwear and Lingerie Patterns
Maternity Patterns
Swimwear Patterns

Wedding Dresses and Formal Wear Patterns
Vogue Designer Patterns
Fashion Publications

Costume Patterns for All Ages
Costume Patterns

Historical, Renaissance, Medival, Etc.

Dance, Exercise, Uniforms

Costume Fabrics
Holiday and Craft Patterns
Christmas Patterns & Fabric
Holiday Craft Patterns
Other Craft Patterns

Sewing Patterns For Men and Boys
Patterns For Men
Patterns For Boys
Unisex Patterns

Hawaiian and Polynesian Patterns
Green Pepper Patterns
Sewing Patterns for Babies, Girls and Pets
Baby Clothes and Accessories
Toddler (Sizes 1-6) Patterns
Big Girl (Sizes 7-12) Patterns
Jr Teen and Jr Petite Patterns

Patterns for Four-Legged Kids
Pet Clothes, Costumes and Accessories

Patterns for Dolls and Doll Stuff
Patterns for Dolls (not clothes)
Doll Clothes
11½" Fashion Doll Patterns (Barbie®)
15-16" Fashion Doll Patterns:
(Tyler Wentworth, Gene) NEW!!
18" Doll Patterns (American Girl®)
Cabbage Patch® & Soft-Sculpture Dolls & Clothes
Patterns for Toys and Other Kid Stuff
Stuffed Animals and Other Toys
Cut and Sew Fabric Panels
Paper Dolls
Learn about Fashion, History or just Play!

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